Registration and Artwork Submission Guide

1. Sign Up Online

Sign up via the 'Register' section.

Note: Kits are limited and will be distributed on a first come first served basis. We will close the registration once it reaches the registration closing date 15 November 2020 or until all the kits are distributed (whichever is first).

2. Pay processing fee

A refundable (see point 5) administration fee of S$10 is chargeable per kit. You can request for up to 4 kits per address in one application. The fee will be refunded after you have successfully created and uploaded your artwork.

3. Receive package

Upon successful payment, we'll send you a package consisting of all the materials to make your Singaporean batik.

4. Let’s get creative!

Go to town and be imaginative to express what Singapore means to you!
Follow this instruction to create your own batik.

5. Take a photo and upload your creation

Once completed, take a photo of your artwork and upload it to this link. You will be required to fill a questionnaire about your artwork. Once the upload is deemed successful, we will refund the processing fee to your preferred method. All artworks must be uploaded by 06 December 2020.

6. Get to know your fellow artists and flaunt your artwork!

After all the hard work, relax and check out the works from your fellow artists on the exhibition page from 14 December 2020 onwards. Also, a tiny secret: the “canvas” comes with a handle to make a cute little tote bag, so show your creation off to your family and friends!