Final Artwork – Windows of Hope

Artist Statement

The entries showcased many structural and architectural designs as well as abstract patterns inspired by buildings around the metropolitan city of Singapore. “Windows of Hope” is the distillation of ideas from our community artists. 

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I love the look of a Peranakan house which is rich in colours but looks tranquil with elaborate pillars and ornaments – impressive patterns of flora and fauna on its windows tiles, roofs and gates. Besides, the Peranakan house is a symbol of Singapore’s multicultural society as well as an intersection of modernity and heritage, past and future, dream and progress.

The different colours used represent Singapore’s diversity. The pastel colours with muted undertones invokes a sense of calmness and warmth in the green, garden city. 

The work features a stylised Peranakan house with simple lines and curves. They can be taken apart, transformed and reassembled into modern batik patterns. The possibilities are endless, similar to how we are agile to transform Singapore into an even brighter future. 

About the Artist

Grace Amelia (b. 1982) is a classic couch Visual Communication designer with a flair in marketing and communication skills. Grace enjoys arts, designs and gathers inspirations from comics, novels and documentaries/movies and, even, video games. When she is out, Grace enjoys swimming, scuba diving, SUP and dancing.


The Final Artwork Response


The Final Artwork Response
The Patterns