Here are the responses from all our participating artists about their interpretation of Singapore identity expressed in batik. The artworks have been randomised regardless of level of expertise (i.e the professional artists and amateurs), age or gender. Click on each artwork to see the full expression of their Singapore and give a heart to show some love to your favorites!



  • Morning Call is a piece inspired by the cries of a Koel bird. Ever familiar to locals and residents in Singapore, a Koel's timely cries signal the start and end of a day. I often associate the cries with the bustling Singapore life. Inspired by the indigo dye batik pieces, this pieces used tones and shades of blue to create the illusion of perspective in the work and the gradient shown on the bird aimed to highlight the bird's midnight blue feather coat. The hint of orange-yellow and yellow helps to accentuate bird's beak and the lit up windows of the HDBs in the background. marc.marker
  • Tiles are an integral part of Singapore. The diamond represents Singapore and its expansion in a myriad of facets shown on bottom half. A successful trading nation, that has overcome many challenges (depicted by ship and waves). Singapore is a success story, allowing modern living with modern technology staying connected through highly enabled wifi (top right), and living harmoniously with nature, allowing it to thrive and be beautiful and green and be well known as the garden city.
  • This is the mane of the merlion, it's crowning glory. The 4 motifs and colours represent these aspects of Singapore: Green: a verdant garden city-state, Purple: our history as a maritime entrepot that connected us to the world and the world to us, Red: the firework motif depicts our national spirit, always palpable during National Day celebrations; and finally Blue: the technology for our future that not only continues to connect us globally but also to each other. theriteofwei
  • Organic lines and shapes were used to portray Singapore’s roots as a fishing village with the entirety of the work being encased within a circle to emphasise on Singapore’s often referral as a "little dot on the map". jgkm_
  • Singapore is a very beautiful country and we should make Singapore even more beautiful by stop littering and plucking flowers.
  • The overwelming fire burnt everything but hope to the ground. We need to unite to combat the fire. Unite and we will overcome covid-19!
  • I chose to draw different unicorns because we should love each other and respect each other's races. I chose the unicorns to be different colours because it is like they are different races.
  • E-sports is a growing industry in SG. We can bond together though online games and have fun.
  • For me, Singapore is a city beyond just shiny skyscrapers. Singapore's more wonderfully unique features are what I hold more dear when I think about the city. I chose to depict the bougainvillea flower, which is commonly seen throughout Singapore, as a decorative motif. In the background, there are white squares on a dark blue background, which are inspired by the classic blue tile round tables and benches that used to be commonly seen at HDB void decks. The square shapes are also reminiscent of tiles and square openings which are a unique architectural feature of HDBs. saydrawings
  • I painted the Merlion because it is the symbol of Singapore and because I am living in this island city now.
  • Working at the Gardens, and perversely loving the often overlooked non-flowering plants like mosses, ferns and the fern allies for their diversity of patterns, shapes, and textures as much if not more than colorful flowers, I choose four of my favorite native ferns and fern allies to represent the flora I love in this city in nature. floofy.rufi
  • Singapore is a garden city. Merlion is Singapore iconic symbol. I painted the Merlion, wearing our Singapore flower - Orchids - garden clothes.