About the Project

1+1 = Infinity: A Collaborative Batik Digital Art is a community art project that invites all Singapore residents from all walks of life to reflect what Singapore means to them.

Batik is an ancient textile-decorating technique by applying dye-resist agent, mostly hot wax, before dyeing. Popular in the Nusantara archipelago, batik often reflects the identity of the wearers, which community one belongs to and their social standings. Despite its popularity in Singapore, there is little mention in the literature about Batik Singapura, one that reflects the history and character of the people and the country. Throughout interactions with the community, the concept of identity (of the artists, the wearers and the creators) always leads to a question: is there a Singaporean Batik?

This project aims to explore motifs and patterns that reflect our Singaporean identity through the medium of batik. Entitled “1+1 = Infinity” is paying an homage to the batik making process where it is a collaborative effort. Everyone contributes creative energies which synergize in the creation of a beautiful artwork that is beyond the simple summation of the individual effort.

Upon successful registration, we will send a batik DIY kit for participants to create a small batik artwork that represents their Singapore. They will then upload their artwork together with a text-based questionnaire about their creation. Other than exhibiting them online here, we will gather, analyse the responses and collate them into one collective artwork!

We hope to produce a collaborative digital art that simultaneously shows individuality of what ‘Singapore’ means to each one of us.